Corner Surround Assembly

Assembly Instructions for Corner Surrounds

Congratulations on your new fireplace surround purchase. You have purchased a premium
product that will undoubtedly add beauty and warmth to your home. These instructions will
show you the proper way to assemble your surround for installation.

Premier Woodwork produces surrounds to accommodate several types of facings, such as tile, Gallery Stone, 3/4" marble, 3/4" slate or Heat-N-Glo's Versatile surround. These facings must be set after your surround is attached to the wall. If a raised hearth will be used, the hearth much be set before the surround is installed.

All surrounds are pre-assigned at our facility to assure a correct fit. The surrounds are then
dis-assembled into three basic components. These components are:

  1. Mantel top with valance
  2. Legs, and
  3. Sticking (see Figure 1). Each surround is hand made and signed by the craftsperson, then packaged for delivery.


  • Step 1: Unpack your surround carefully and make sure all of the components are present.
  • Step 2: Place the mantel top with valance on the floor with the valance in the upright position. (See FIGURE 1 for reference). Insert each leg into its place in the mantel top and attach them with the 1 1/4" screws. (Note: be sure to line up the pre-drilled screw holes in the legs with the screw holes in the mantel top.) Backer boards, (on cabinet and corner surrounds) (FIGURE 1), create a surface to fasten non-combustible facings to. Marble, Tile, Gallery Stone, Versatile, etc. Can be glued directly to this surface. (These boards are moved inward on the leg for shipping purposes.) To place in desired position, loosed the screws until the board can be moved (do not completely remove). Move towards fireplace, about 1 3/4" and re-fasten. Tighten screw to secure boards, do not strip screws. Once the legs have been fastened in place, the surround is ready for installation. Set the sticking aside until the surround has been installed to the wall.



(Please read and understand all directions and pertinent literature before beginning)


  • Electric or Cordless Drill
  • Phillips Bit
  • Drill
  • Hammer (or Air Nailer)
  • Nail Set
  • Pencil
  • Belt Sander (if scribbing)

Position the fireplace unit in the corner as show in FIGURE 2 (Note: The underside of the surround will give measurement as where to set the fireplace). Do not fasten the fireplace to the floor, this will be done later. If a raised hearth will be used, set it in place with the fireplace unit on top, but do not fasten the fireplace to the hearth or the hearth to the floor. Note: The fireplace must be hooked up and ready for operation before the surround is set. Once the surround is set, the fireplace can then be adjusted slightly to get the perfect fit, then fastened to the floor or hearth.


FIGURE 3 and FIGURE 4 show the placement of the nailers that are included with the surround.
Each of the nailers are numbered according to their placement. They are pre-cut at our production facility and allow 1/4" for scribe. The number three nailers are first used as a spacer to fasten the number one and two boards. Note: If more scribe is needed, the number one and two boards will need to be cut down.

If solid material is present behind the sheetrock, screw the nailer directly into this material. If the solid material is not present, place the nailer strip in position and, using a 1/8" bit, drill through the nailer into the wall. Remove the nailer strip and insert the wall anchors provided into the holes you have drilled. Be sure the anchors are flush with the sheetrock and take care not to over tighten the anchors. Put the nailer strip back in place and attach it to the anchors with the 2 1/2" screws provided.


Replace the surround over the fireplace after all the nailers have been attached. Now use an
air nailer with 1 1/2" nails, trim head screws or 6d finish nails to fasten the surround to the
nailer strips.


Now that the surround is securely fastened to the wall, it is ready for the three pieces of
sticking. The sticking is the inside trim for the unit. It finishes the inside of the surround and
makes up the difference between the surround inside edge and the non-combustible fireplace facing. The sticking is designed for use with 3/8" to 3/4" thick non-combustible facing. If a thicker facing is used, the sticking can be ripped down to a smaller dimension. Because of the various applications, the sticking cannot be pre-drilled. Attach with an air nailer, trim head screws or finish nails.


Open the lower access panel of the fireplace below the glass doors. Adjust the fireplace as
needed for a prefect fit to the surround and non-combustible facing. With two 1 1/4" screws,
attach the fireplace to the floor by screwing through the base.

Congratulations, your new fireplace surround is ready for years of enjoyment!